image of Adukeh the poet

Poetry means many things to many people.

For me, poems are a safe place to discover, explore and express feelings and emotions. As I’ve shared more of my poetry over the years, I’ve discovered that my poems can be a shelter for others, a place to explore the difficult, overwhelming and uncomfortable.

“Poets can translate trauma into something that people can face…. Poems are empathy machines.”

Roger Robinson

Poetry and performance

Adukeh performing spoken word poetry holding a mended plate

Apart from sharing my experiences of beauty, pain, and healing, my vision is to inspire, empower and heal through my poetry – I write to change lives.

It is a call to myself to break out beyond my own limitations and live the ‘one and only precious life’ God has given me to the full. It’s a call to you too.

Watch my performance at the Unveiling Festival 2021.

Listen to me discuss poetry and confidence on Rania Kurdi’s Breaking Free podcast.

I post regularly on Instagram and Facebook if you want to keep up to date or have a chat with me there or you can watch some of my performances on YouTube.


In my workshops, I aim to help others find the shelter I did, and share the joy of writing and performing poetry. I create a safe space to reflect on the topic of the day – whether that is grief, belonging or exploring and celebrating the art of others, or learning about spoken word.

Read about a poetry workshop I ran on the Arts, for The Diocese of Southwark’s Black History Event.

Get in touch if you want to discuss running a workshop with me.